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Papyrus Grande

HYBRID! printing on both paper and fabric is possible

3.3m width 6 colors dye-Sublimation printer

Continuous mass-production of good looking prints thanks to the 5kg/color continuous ink supply system, maximum printing width of 3.3m (11 ft.) and to its incredible speed of 96㎡/h by 1200 dpi high serolution.
No cockling effect on your prints, thanks to the powerful 3-stage dryer and the pneumatically controlled tension bars in the system.

• 96 ㎡/h high productivity by a high resolution of 1200 dpi.
• 30cm diameter mini-jumbo roll feeder & take-up units (optional).
  • Papyrus Grande
  • Papyrus Grande
  • Papyrus Grande
  • Papyrus Grande
  • Papyrus Grande
  • Papyrus Grande
  • Papyrus Grande
  • Papyrus Grande

Technical information

Papyrus Grande

Print head 2.5pl / 600 dpi native resolution
Number of nozzles 1280 nozzles
per color x 6 color (or 4 color optional)
Media Width : 300~1880 (74 in.)
Thickness: 1mm max.
Margin 5mm on both sides
(10mm of media guide is used)
Roll diameter Feeder and Take-up rolls: 300mm MAX.
Core diameter 76.2mm (3 in.)
Roll weight 120 Kg MAX
Interface 1000BASE-T
Water-base inks
2kg per color / dye-sublimation, Under develop- ment graphic pigment. C, M, Y, K, Or, Turquoise
C, M, Y, K, Lc, Lm, Or, Blue
Rip S/W (Optional) Wasatch / Onyx / Print Factory / Ergo Poster Print
/ Caldera
Dryer type Heating plate: 40~60°C
Power supply 1Phase AC 220V, 50/60Hz
Power consumption
Maximum consumption: (1-phase) 220V, 13.5Kw approx.
Normal operation: (1-phase) 220V, 10.8Kw approx.
Idle mode: (1-phase) 220V, 8.1Kw approx.
Dimensions 3985mm (W) x 1030mm (D) x 1522mm (H)
Weight 720 Kg
Room temperature: 20~25℃
Room humidity: 45~65% R.H.

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